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Icarusgold - FlightSimulatorX - Advanced News
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Searching around web what we discovered
webmaster on July 01 2012 16:06:06 · Read More · 1 Comments · 2842 Reads · Print
This is fun....i was searching around the web today and what i have individual writing on a forum, he wrote about famous fs2004 pirate Robert J. Ferguson. he tried also to buy our northop Gamma some years ago,:

"Ickie and Panther_99FS were notified multiple times but seem not to care that they have this scumbag on there forum!"

see yourself

Oh oh what i discovered...this is what you can read in a flightsim forum and not written by icarusgold but a mr DeanWitman, another visionary as icarusgold?

as you can see and not wrote by me The Admins, Moderators and Staff of Sim-Outhouse knows perfectly that there are pirates into their members but don't do nothing violating privacy laws themselves..this is just a report about other people wrote...not icarusgold...waiting an open letter for mr Whitman now.

Answer to the open public letter of sim-outhouse admins
webmaster on June 30 2012 20:49:46 · Read More · 1 Comments · 4309 Reads · Print

Now they started an open message to flightsim community, they like a lot, they think this disturb us.They started again another polemic on our Grumman Duck. They love search approvals on their forum...i will avoid to comment their farnetications, telephone number and bycicle shop..they just do not deserve answers

hey sim-outhouse perhaps you didn't understand english but you should is your native language...i didn't wrote any different from your member prowler here, he catched two sim-outhouse members pirating his product...not sim-outhouse but two of their is seems clearn that a domain can't pirate but one or two members yes, or it too difficult to understand? I never say sim-outhouse but i catch members as prowler catched too! where is the difference?

publishing also personal details on a public forum and without any authorization from us violating the Privacy act 2005 show clearly how Sim-outhouse act. They use their language violance and anything else against is not agree with them. Hey Canelo kid, you maked nice images of our Grumman duck, who passed you our Grumman Duck? you didn't buy it!! And congratulation Canelo and other admins often ban people because of some violation and then you publish privacy details of people violating federal law on privacy...well done.

Now if you want have reason, it's yours...never talk with stupids, they take you at their same level and won for experience. Go out enjoy life instead passing on forums shoting at etc etc.

European Soccer Final 2012
webmaster on June 28 2012 21:01:26 · Read More · 1 Comments · 3267 Reads · Print

Italy simply destroyed Germany that back at home

Mexico 1970 Italy -Germany 4-3

Spain 1982 Italy - Germany 3-1

Germany 2006 Italy - Germany 2-0

and now Varsavia 2012 Italy - Germany 2-1 (with a doubt foul against italy at the end..)

I was lucky enought to have seen all those matches and have to say to racist newspaper as bild or der spiegel that call italian spaghetti...spaghetti are better than wurstel

Very bad figure
webmaster on June 28 2012 16:48:58 · Read More · 0 Comments · 3032 Reads · Print
This morning we wake up(lucky) and start computer and we saw an announcement at

In the next few days will be making a major announcement... We will also announce ongoing legal proceedings about liabilities and Civil actions will immediately follow the legal actions by a 'Payware' provider that SOH is a pirate site that is stealing their product.

We are a Payware provider? i didn't know. We wrote they are a pirate site? No...we wrote we catched few of their members acting as. You think we are mad?

Screenshot by another developer victim of piracy and writing on their forum and judge by yourself

If this is defamation.....this is just what is in your forum and not written by us. We could speak about many bad post against our products. It's not a defamation? Or the first amendament is valid only for your forum. it says"The First Amendment protects statements of opinion, as distinct from statements of fact, against claims of defamation". We were members and we read many things and no fear here. So we know how defende ourself and someone give us the arrows. Once there was David vs Golia...we know who won

Now if you want made another "big" announcement...

Short life for pirates bastards
webmaster on June 24 2012 13:39:29 · Read More · 0 Comments · 2857 Reads · Print
they have started this pirate site one year go...their life was can loose few battles but you will win the War

Bye forever silverxxxxx

Megavideo Shut Down, The Beginning Of The End For Piracy?
webmaster on February 02 2012 18:10:47 · Read More · 0 Comments · 2267 Reads · Print
Megavideo Shut Down, The Beginning Of The End For Piracy?

There are many others services as mediafire, rapidshare, etc that should be closed and that actually are used by pirates. The Megavideo and megaupload closure it's a beginning but the war is long...we have emailed f.b.i. too with a list of people adding their names, surnames and addresses.

Today we catch another intelligent one (pirate) trying to make something against us but obviously i can't give new ideas to usual pirates. He has been blocked and hit....hope they will close mediafire too

waiting the next one....

Fun post about Xtreme Simulation Weekend Sydney Cancelled
webmaster on July 25 2011 09:16:20 · Read More · 2017 Reads · Print
i was reading yesterday a post about " Xtreme Simulation Weekend Sydney Cancelled", it is really fun the position of the owner

(I would like to apologise to those of you who may have already made travel and accommodation plans to attend the event. I understand your frustration, however please consider the months of planning, the time, a very considerable amount of money (thousands of dollars) and resources that I have personally invested into the event; and then to turn around and cancel it because commercial vendors can't be bothered making the effort to attend and promote their products.As a result of the event cancellation and the lack of support from the community and commercial sector, it is unlikely that I will organise an event of this scale ever again.)

Man your problems have an answer:PIRACY ! Commercial Vendors are tired to have cost and no revenue. That's why soon there will not be new reviews or products, and especially aircrafts. The new models number in the last year much lowered. It's rare seen three new models each month. Two years ago there were at least ten new models each month and more active developers.

Why someone have to go to an expo and buy products and why a commercial vendors should spend thousands of dollars for travel, move hardware, etc when people can get something free at his home. That's the problem. The piracy problem will ruin completely this hobby in two or three years or sooner.

Two big developers stopped their product, low numbers by payware and freeware developer, expo stopping activities..if you do not see those as the end of flight simulation on the web you are a stupid...say thanks to pirates...there are many categories created the problems...people sharing products...few unhonest skinners, some freeware people that hate payware, few unfamous website with members exchangin payware products..

We had two choice..stay with unfamous people in an unfamous forum and approving they exhchange our products without pay. This probably didn't create problems and didn't hurt them and we didn't see post against us now and on future or polemics about us. No sorry but i am not an opportunist as few other payware developers that knows the true but continue to stay between them.

I remember very well a developer claiming being best payware developer and so on... claiming he is into this world since fs95, contacting our gladiator's customer making skins...then magically appeared another gladiator (it's not our model) with a "gun effect" that they didn't know how build. This same individual when few years ago started a lysander started a polemic about they had one in their shop (you are the westland's ownier or have the trademark?). As you can see we didn't finish the lysander, he then started two new models we had on sale or coming soon. Obviously he can but it's fun seeing how people accuse others and then did same things and double.

This same individual tried also to create problems to an external shop because they used the term MARKET. Those are the individuals and part of this hobby. If you like them, i don't.

So mr Ross Farquharson, that's the flightsim world...few nice people and many more with problems, hating others or gelous about others people business, or searching for their public enemy number 1 posting on unfamous forums...

Usually in this world who claim the be the best or the the bad one. We started a new registration system to avoid those kind of people..who want an honest flightsim place can register having support, patches also sending corrections or request when is possible and have our friendship too, who want continue with the unfamous world, knows where is the exit

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