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Satisfied Customers

Our Customer comments:
  Rob Boere The Dragon Rapide is absolutely brilliant - I saw one flying at Duxford here in the UK, and I can now emulate their flight. Fantastic. Keep up the good work with the add-ons. .

Peter Hayes - SIMFLIGHT review
GRUMMAN DUCK -  WOW Factor: 8/10
Summing Up:
A nice WWII warplane from ICARUSGOLD, the quality (and quantity) is very good. The Duck is quite easy to fly and is reasonably fast it is extremely stable and forgiving. It looks too new, but still with excellent textures, inside and out plane with lots of fine detail and some animations (in the air and on the ground). The manual is reasonably comprehensive, concise and clear, but I would have liked a more in depth section on how to operate and fly the plane. The sceneries are good but I experienced some texture problems that I have not seen with other sceneries loaded on my machine. If you are into WWII era war birds then this is an accurate representation of the Grumman Duck. Let us hope that ICARUSGOLD will bring out some more missions as they were great fun.

John Uscian If this Gamma is any example, you build some very sweet planes!  I am a dedicated fan already.  A lover of Golden Age aircraft, this Gamma fits right in with my other Goden Age planes on FS9 and FSX.

Roger Law-Grumman Duck, Loving it already and I haven't installed the flights yet!

Gerardo Godoy FSDeveloper The Duck is really nice, I must say I like everything: The sound is real good, the cockpit is nice and fun to fly....just a very good Model.

Daveroo - I  love the duck, thanks again for a great plane.

mal998 - I am happy and grateful for the work you put in on the Duck, and happy to have this package. If you had not built this plane, we probably never would have seen it in FSX.

Your package is very generous with the amount of different models and paint schemes.

Stephen Lopez - fspilot review
In my humble opinion, the legendary Pitts Special has finally been given its due respect. I am not a pilot in the real world per say, but I built a large scale radio controlled version. At first, it was a monster to fly, but as I spent more time learning its idiosyncrasies, I came to love it. Since the aircraft has no dihedral and a symmetrical airfoil¦you need to stop a roll, a turn, or whatever maneuver that you have started. In short, you need to actually FLY the aircraft. The Icarus Gold Pitts Special is no different! It'ss a challenge to fly, and a joy to look at. If your PC has the B@LLS to handle FSX SP2, go for it! You won't regret your purchase.

Felipe Mujica - fspilot review
FSX Gamma
Very nice plane, well made, fps friendly. A great time flying this Gamma. One of the few planes of the 30´s avaliable for FSX.

Rishi Hathiramani - fspilot review
My first purchase from Icarus & also my first bi-plane. I was in love with this aircarft from the very fist time I took control of it. Lot's of different liveries & very easy to fly. Put sinply, a joy to fly. Highly recommended for all levels of simmers & excellent value for money!!!

Graham Ellard - fspilot review
Great aircraft this; looks good, sounds good and flying it probably does you good... VC is well designed with clear. authentic instruments and good visibility; especially in forward view. Landings can be made without having to 'step outside'. The airfield scenery is a 'proper' airfield comprising a patch of grass and some tin sheds, so no impact on frame rates. Landing there may take some practice.

Convincing sound, especially on start-up when the radial engine literally explodes into life. Working guns have realistic tracer effects.

Only brief historical information is provided so use the magic of the internet to visit the RAF Museum at for comprehensive background.

If you need a break from 'brain-training' aircraft and want to get in touch with your inner barn-stormer then this package is highly recommended.

Michael Elliot - simmarket review
Just got this today and i can only describe it as AWESOME... I am getting high 50's FPS inside cockpit where my best for any other payware (and i have a lot over 50 so far) aircraft is 23 fps at most inside cockpit, outside views i am getting high 70's fps. This is simply awesome from when you see her sitting on the tarmac to when you hear the 'BANG' as the starter fires her up and the roar of the engine is thrilling. When you fire the guns you can actually imagine the recoil shuddering through the plane it is simply mind blowing. You see the tracers arc of into the distance and the empty shell casings flying outwards. Attention to detail is very good the detail is fantastic

Jean-Paul  Ventalon- FSX PITTS S-2B
I am a new customer and VERY satisfied by the Pitts for FSX SP2.I did not knew Icarus before (coming from X-Plane) and your Pitts gives me the same "lifelike" feelings than X-Plane's "living birds"...Thanks for your work with the Pitts.

Roger Vecchio- FSX PITTS S-2B
I have about 500 hours flying the real pitts s2b and many years flying many different flight sim models. You nailed it, thank you. I waited many years for someone to make a Pitts s2b model for flight sim, it really flys like the real thing. Thank you Look forward to more acro type planes from you. At home I loaded your plane on my computer(accelation,sp2 not vista) and it is my favorite plane I ever have flown on Flight simulator

Anneke- FSX PITTS S-2B
Great! How realistic is the airfile..The FS model makes aerobatic maneuvers a breeze. That can't be true can it?

hews500d- Website Forum FSX PITTS S-2B
iit's darn nice !!

Kevin Scott- FSX PITTS S-2B
iThis is an excellent airplane that flies just as you would expect it to - very powerfull - very light - very sensitive - and very well reproduced by icarusgold. Its got a great sound file too

Gareth John- FSX PITTS S-2B
iNot only is the product excellent but I have also had really good service and support

Norman Swardeston- FSX PITTS S-2B
it flies very well, with just the amount of twitchiness that you would expect from a Pitts. Loops, both inside and out, were performed with ease, and it does a really authentic spin, as well as a flat spin. The nose tends to drop a little more than it should in an axial roll, but it flick rolls excellently

Chris Brisland- FSX PITTS S-2B
Start, climb and cruise around is absolutely straight forward in this plane. She's very responsive to the controls

Glen mobley- FSX PITTS S-2B
Thanks for your help. Wonderful Plane!

Marco Scruto- FSX Northrop Gamma
it's a beauty. Good idea the racers!

Roger Law- FSX Northrop Gamma
Price is right and this is a cool plane

Jamie Osborne- simmarket review
About The Antonov An-2, I am really impressed with this product. At such a low price its a really nice buy, especially if you like the old clunkers. The flight dynamics and sounds are really nice, and the model and animations are up to the standard expected of comercial software. There are no bells and whisltes to make this product stand out, but the different variants that come in the package make up for that. I think this is worth the money, especially if you want a nice old bird to explore some wilderness. I love using this with the Freight Dogs Scenery.

David Williams- Israel
The AN-2 plane is very good and the animation is nice.

C.Bris - Uk
The Antonov An-2, i m  going to LOOOOOVE this...
First impressions - the price is right for what you get.

David Brauneis - USA
About the ki61 The cockpit, both 2d and VC, is very good and overall the plane looks pretty good. It gets over 100 fps against a clear sky on my mid level computer and you can pack several onto the screen with not stutters. The Flight model seems pretty good to me. Animation is good, especially the opening and closing of the canopy.
It comes with a plethora of skins, so you can use it from New Guinea to homeland defense.

Dennis Holt- USA
After flying the Ki-61 the only thing I can say is wow! I've never seen any aircraft so detailed or realistic, from the blue flames in the exhaust ports to the vapor trailing off the wingtips. The plane is breathtaking! Best 17 bucks I've ever spent.

David Eynon - USA
Your Tupolev Tb3 is an extraordinary simulation - I was particularly fascinated to find that when the machine guns fire, the spent brass cartridges are scattered into the sky! That's true realism...
Thanks again for all the enjoyment I have had from your aircraft.

Detlef Mechler
- Germany
the TB-3 is miracle beautifully.

David Brauneis - USA
I bought the new TB-3 this evening and have enjoyed flying it over Russia. It is a very nice plane with great frame rates for a plane this large. I'm getting over 80 FPS with it against a clear sky. It is nicely detailed

Roger Law - USA
Tupolev TB-3 Worth the money if this is your era. if you want this aircraft then it's worth the expense.

Stephen Attaway -
Your Nakajima 91 for fs2004 is excellent!  I am enjoying the plane very much. The sounds are great and the plane handles wonderfully. Thanks for a great product.

David Eynon -
Your new Macchi 72 looks wonderful and everythings to works splendidly.

David Eynon -
Your Westland Lysander has been a pleasure to fly. The aircraft performs wonderfully, great on short takeoff and landings, Your Lysander is my favorite aircraft - With VisualFlight scenery of England it's possible to fly from the grass air-strips used during the war into Normandy and Brittany, landing in a farmer's field, and take off again in a very short space.

Denis Williams -
United Kingdom
I am very pleased with the p51d appearance, and the performance. It\'s a fine addition to my fleet.

JasonW Batey - USA
What a treat! Thanks for a beautiful Bell X-1! I\'ve been wanting to sit in Chuck Yeager\'s seat for a long time.

Kevin D.Ryan - USA
p51d, the model look wonderful, the paint jobs are fantastic.

I managed to download the P51d and I'm glad that I bought it. Great Virtual Cockpit on the P51d.

Paul L.Held - USA
Flying the Bell x-1, i am very pleased as always.

 Phil Sumner -
Just purchased your awesome new P-51D and love it.

Ralph Johnson - USA
I am enjoing all aircraft i bought from you..

Mack Haggerty - USA
I am so impressed with the Buffalo! And the Lysander is also remarkable. Thank you for your kindness and great, professional work.

C.Cardona - USA
Best models i have ever seen.

Gustavo Garriguet - Argentina
Everything is ok,thanks a Lot

Werner Thuemling - Germany
It´s a realy beautiful plane with realy fine details. It´s worth every cent of the price.
Mick Morrissey - France
I've successfully downloaded my plane and I'm very pleased with it. Thanks

Chuck Davis - Usa
I'm always on the look-out for rare aircraft for CFS2, especially experimentals and un-built design projects, lots of "what-if" aircraft.

Robert S. Zelenka - Usa
Thank you for your thoughtful support of your downloads. I know that if I have any problems in the future  you will be there to help me.

Robert Grabill - Australia

Luiz Pozzobon - Brasil
downloaded the files that I purchased and installed them in my computer. The airplanes installed perfectly and fly beautifully

Mark Shelley  - Usa
very happy with your aircraft XB35, Horten 229, Blenheim, EF125, Ju287

Gerhard - Germany
flying a lot with your suberb Gotha-229 since last summer, please informe me when there is a new update, skins, effects.

Michel L. Saint-Pierre - France
The new links you sent worked well. I was able to download them easily and I installed the one for CFS2 without any problem. I am very satisfied with the plane. It really looks good. Thank you.



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